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Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Reduction With Hyaluronic Dermal Filler Injections

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers have changed the game when it comes to anti-aging treatments, and today’s modern fillers are especially effective. Unlike yesteryear’s bovine collagen, silicone, or body fat facial fillers, today’s fillers are made with non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. Today’s fillers are therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction and provide a more natural-looking result. Cosmetic fillers are injected into deep crevices and wrinkles in order to plump up the skin and reduce the wrinkle. They also cause the body to increase the production of collagen in the area in order to wall off the “foreign” substance.

We are proud to offer safe and effective non-permanent hyaluronic dermal fillers that are FDA approved. The dermal fillers that we used to help define facial contours, smooth wrinkles, and soften facial lines for a more youthful look.

Benefits Of Dermal Filler

  • Refreshes under the eyes and reduces the appearance of tiredness
  • Improves the appearance of smile lines and lipstick lines

  • Smooths unwanted fine lines
  • Enhances lips
  • Restores jawline, chin, temple, and cheek contours
  • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Diminishes facial asymmetry
  • Conceals and reduces the appearance of scars, including acne scarring

 How Does Hyaluronic Dermal Filler Work?

Our products come in the form of a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to act like your body’s own natural hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid dermal filler products replace lost volume to smooth away wrinkles and define facial contours providing immediate results.  It can be used to visibly reduce moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds for a more youthful appearance.

 What To Expect During My Appointment?

Our provider will complete a thorough review of your health history, discuss your treatment goals, and review potential adverse events and management strategies if such events occur.  A topical anesthetic is typically utilized to block the nerve endings to reduce pain during treatment.  Your skin will then be cleaned and sterilized with chlorhexidine 2% with 4% isopropyl alcohol.  Depending on the location and area being treated, injections may be completed using serial injections with an ultra-fine needle, and/or a cannula (a sterile plastic needle) to instill the clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid. We will then review post-procedure care.

When Will I See Results?

You will see results immediately.

 When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

  • You can return to normal activity after the procedure. However, we do recommend the following:
    • Not touching, rubbing, or manipulating the injection area
    • Avoiding extreme heat (sun exposure, sauna, tanning beds) for 2 to 3 days
    • Avoiding strenuous activity for 2 to 3 days
    • Avoiding the application of makeup for at least 24 hours

How Long Do Results Last And What Is the Recommended Frequency Of Treatment?

Results of hyaluronic dermal filler injections can typically last between 6 to 18 months depending on location and product utilized.  Hence, maintaining this effect is up to you, and this puts you in control of the way you look.

 Who Should Not Have Hyaluronic Dermal Filler Injections?

Hyaluronic dermal filler is not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating women, anyone with a history of an allergic reaction to the drug or any of its active ingredients (collagen, eggs, or lidocaine), as well as any infected or inflamed skin, bleeding disorders, and individuals with a tendency to produce excessive scarring such as keloids and/or hypertrophic scars.  Please inform us if you have or are experiencing any of the mentioned conditions.

 What Are The Side Effects Of Hyaluronic Dermal Filler Injections?

The vast majority of patients do not experience any side effects.  Common and minor side effects include infection, local irritation, minor bruising at the injection sites, and headache. Rare side effects include tissue and retinal necrosis, embolism, or serious allergic reaction. Please contact us immediately if you experience increased pain or unforeseeable swelling after your treatment.

 How Much Does It Cost?

Everyone has different needs.  Here at Genevieve Beauty & Wellness, dermal filler injections are calculated on a “per syringe” basis.  This means our health care provider will need to determine the precise amount of product needed to attain your desired results.